Stranger Things Fans have started a Petition to Bring Eddie Back

A petition on the internet to bring Eddie Munson back to life has amassed tens of thousands of signatures.

That Eddie Munson was the most beloved character of the last season of Stranger Things. Fans have grown very fond of the figure of the metalhead with a heart of gold and many are unable to find peace following Eddie’s sacrifice to help his friends.

It is no secret that Eddie Munson was the most adored character of the last season of Stranger Things. Following Eddie’s sacrifice to aid his comrades, fans of the metalhead have grown quite fond of him, and many are unable to find peace.

In the meantime, as is now increasingly the case, They have started to move on its own initiative. The petition launched by fans on already has 75,000 signatures to bring the character back to life or to introduce him again, in one way or another, within the series.

The motivation: “This is a petition I started to bring back the fan favorite character, Eddie Munson . The Duffer brothers made him unjustly die and many other fans think he has to come back and not just as a flashback. Please sign this petition to spread awareness ”. Will you sign too?

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