Father and son’s unimaginable performance of “Riverdance” gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

Everyone in the room was laughing, and for good cause.
Stavros Flatley was selected to participate in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, which is bringing back some of the top performances from previous seasons. Only this time, Simon Cowell slammed the Golden Buzzer on the father-son duo’s amusing audition.

Stavros Flatley is well-known for their comedic Greek performance, in which the two dance on stage with their stomachs protruding. Although it has been a decade since their first appearance on BGT, their most recent performance is a reminder of why the world originally fell in love with them.

Demi Demetriou and his 12-year-old son Lagi went in front of the judges in 2009 wearing only their regular clothing. They then went backstage, only to astonish everyone when they reappeared.
Demi burst through the door, dressed in a blonde wig, a headband, and no shirt. He got everyone in the room laughing as he pretended to be the Greek counterpart of the legendary river dancer Michael Flatley. It got even funnier when Lagi appeared on stage with his father wearing the same attire.

Although Stavros Flatley did not win the title that year, the program did help propel the charming couple into prominence.
According to the ClassiQue website, Stavros Flatley has performed all over the world, appeared on TV shows, developed products, published the book How to Be A Little Bit Greek, and even produced a brand of Greek cuisine called “Stavros Flatley’s Greek Kitchen” throughout the years.

When they were invited to participate in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, everyone got a gift.
The new audition for Stavros Flatley began with a flute player performing in the center of the hall, followed by Celtic dancers lighting up the stage. But it was only getting started…

Demi bursts through the door, dressed in his trademark Greek costume, naked belly and all! Right before he stops to strike a pose, he has the crowd going crazy with his river-dancing talents. It was going to become even better.

Lagi comes leaping out of nowhere! He is no longer a child and has matured only now, years later.
It’s a show that pulls out all the stops with blazing flames, drummers, dancing ladies, and none other than the hilarious Stavros Flatley couple stealing the show.

They even ended their audition by hurling their wigs directly at the judges’ bench, just as we had planned.

After a lengthy explanation, Demi takes up the microphone and delivers an emotional address.
“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you going crazy for us. But I must add that this program is fantastic. “We’ve traveled the world, done things, and visited places we never imagined we’d visit—all because of you.”

Demi also shared his pride in his kid, Lagi, before giving him a hearty embrace.

While Stavros Flatley was grateful for the opportunity offered by BGT, Simon also wanted to express his gratitude to the couple.
He informs them,

“Look, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for years.” I truly wanted to thank you both for everything you’ve done. “I’d like to thank you, and there’s only one way I can do it.

Simon gets up from his chair and smashes on the Golden Buzzer! It is the highest accolade in the Got Talent series, advancing the contender directly to the final rounds. Everyone’s responses, as predicted, are priceless!

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