MSNBC Releases Joy Reid, Call her Message “Outdated”

Joy Reid, a former host of MSNBC, has been officially terminated from the network, according to an email sent to all employees at NBC Global, including Universal Studios, AT&T, and Lego Land. The email, which contained no further information, was read by more than 19,000 people.

This decision was made due to Reid’s “outdated message” and poor ratings. Despite MSNBC’s commitment to staying relevant, they have their limitations, according to the network’s public relations director, Joe Barron.

Reid’s show had a small audience and primarily targeted liberal viewers of TikTok highlight videos.

Her approach to the show was deemed unsatisfactory by the network, which caused her to miss out on the opportunity to gather more followers. The network’s CFO, Art Tubolls, stated that this was not a good business model. He further commented that Reid had the potential to gain a larger audience, but instead chose to take a full Marxist approach. Similar to the way Jon Stewart’s show was searched for sound bites, Reid’s show was also viewed in the same light. The network believed that the future belongs to Joe Scarborough.

Although there are doubts regarding Joe Scarborough’s future on the network, several sources agree that Kellyanne Conway’s husband, whose name is not mentioned, would make an excellent addition to the program.

Reid’s publicist declined to comment on this matter and stated that Joy Reid was not interested in joining the program. The publicist further added that Joy Reid appreciates the offer and sends her best wishes to the United States.

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