Sajak Explodes When “Wheel” Contestant Kneels

Pat Sajak is a man’s man. He’s been around the block a time or two at age 76, still hosting the very popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” for NBC, a Vietnam veteran plucked out of obscurity in 1981 by the now legendary Merv Griffin.

Such a man is NOT to be taken lightly, a fact that liberal contestant Joe Barron found out during a live audience taping of the show just last week.

During the “meet and greet” segment, where the people briefly introduce themselves to Pat, Barron mentioned his job as a pickle slicer in Queefblastery, California, and his membership in the group Black Lives Matter. Barron is lily white.

Like a beautiful and fresh quail’s egg.
Preparing for his first spin of the wheel, Barron knealt down briefly in protest, mirroring the popular sports figures that do so to bring notice to black injustice worldwide. But Mr. Sajak wasn’t about to have any of that.

“What are you doing, you snowflake asshole?” the host asked him. “Get up. This isn’t some goddamn snowflake NFL game! Stand up like a man and spin!”

Barron continued to kneel, and Sajak removed a small .45 pistol from his rear holster, aimed, and shot the man in his chest, screaming the whole time.

“Snowflake! Snowflake! Biden loving snowflake destroying America Afghanistan jab mask monkey! Get up! I’ll make you get up, you pathetic snowflake liberal pedo fart sprayer! Attica! Attica!”

Barron was unhurt, as the bullet hit his concealed Antifa member badge. Sajak was immediately subdued by station security and is currently being questioned in a Los Angeles mental facility.

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