Tucker Carlson Files $150 Million Suit Against Fox News: “They Threw Me Under The Bus”

Fox News Announced it was “parting ways” with Carlson
Carlson’s last show was Friday
The host says Fox “threw (him) under the bus”
He’s asking for punitive damages in the amount of $150 million.
Kalamazoo, Michigan – Tucker Carlson traveled to this northern burgh to meet with his attorneys to discuss and file a lawsuit in the 14th Federal District Court of Kalamazoo against his now-former employer, Fox News.

According to Carlson’s spokesperson, Fox “threw him under the bus” and forced him out so they could “beg the corporate media for forgiveness” over his coverage of January 6.

According to Fox, that wouldn’t be so bad had he not whipped out a bunch of out-of-context videos about the insurrectionists being “tourists” recently enough for the dozen or so companies suing the network over outright lies to use it in court.

“The bottom line is, Tucker is a bit of a selfish jerk,” said Rupert Murdoch. He says Fox is looking forward to squarely putting him in his place as well as counter-suing him for everything he has.

The American public seems torn on the issue, with most applauding Carlson’s removal from the airwaves while others took to their lawns to shake their fist and chant “Let’s go Brandon.” Which was, of course, hilarious, as always. God Bless America.

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