Joanna Gaines Shares Health Update With A Hospital Picture

Joanna Gaines, the renowned HGTV star of the show-stopping “Fixer Upper,” recently posted a health update to her Instagram fans. In it, she revealed how she had been forced to undergo surgery due to an old back injury that occurred while cheerleading in high school.

Joanna painfully recounted how a misstep during cheerleading caused her back to give out and that she has been dealing with the aftermath ever since.

Joanna’s experience with microdiscectomy was to be a recurring one, as she first underwent the surgery in 2001 and then had to have it once again two weeks ago. To make matters worse, her second surgical procedure coincided terribly with what would’ve been her second date with Chip Carter Gaines – who is now happily married to Joanna of course! As if that wasn’t inconvenient enough, this all occurred just ahead of the holiday season.

In her Instagram post, Joanna candidly shared how anxious she was about having to undergo surgery during the busiest time of year. Though stressful, it also gave her a chance to embrace stillness and take in all that surrounded her with a greater appreciation for the blessings within. She expressed gratitude for this much-needed rest period as “a gift” given to her so she could take a pause from the hustle and bustle of life – simply being present in each moment without rush or worry.

As she closed her post, Joanna extended warm wishes to everyone and wished them a festive Christmas week. She motivated them to revel in the beauty of living in the moment regardless of any unexpected circumstances that may arise. It is clear that Joanna has unwavering strength and courage as she relentlessly pursues her recovery journey each day. Let’s hope that this holiday season brings with it ample rest for our beloved protagonist so she can bounce back soon!

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