Injured Boy Comes Back To Life And Wants To Share The Message Jesus Gave Him

After a wonderful day in church communing with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Julie and Andy Kemp, along with their young son Landon, were driving home when their vehicle was struck by a speeding ambulance. The crash instantly killed Andy and seriously injured the young boy. Emergency response professionals rushed to the scene and immediately knew that Landon had to be airlifted to a well-equipped North Carolina hospital if he was going to survive the devastating injuries he sustained during the accident.

“I looked but never saw what he was yelling at. I didn’t spot the ambulance approaching us, but all I can recall is that he was yelling. That was the last thing that I heard from him,” Julie said of her husband’s final moments, according to a report from All That’s News.

Although the accident killed his father, Landon was lucky enough to survive. However, doctors recognized that he was in critical condition and might not be able to survive his injuries if he didn’t get quality health care quickly. While he was being treated by the emergency room doctors and nurses, Landon fell into a coma where he had a near-death experience along with a meeting with Jesus Christ himself.

During his two-week coma, doctors had to bring Landon back to life several times. However, he awoke from the coma without any brain damage and was able to return to normal activities in a short period of time. He also awoke with a story about his time in the company of Jesus Christ that he wanted to share with as many people as would listen to him because he knew the message from the messiah was one that could not be ignored.

When Landon finally awoke from his two-week coma, Julie had a serious conversation with him about how his father had died.

“Do you know where dad is at?” she asked him before she got into the gruesome details of his father’s demise.

“Yes, I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven,” Landon told his mother. “I just want people to realize that Jesus is real, there is a heaven, there are angels. And to follow his word and the Bible and life does get better at the end.”

When All That’s News reported on Landon’s near-death experience with Jesus and how he wanted everyone to know that heaven was real, readers responded with comments.

“I have no doubt about his experience! I have been with dying family members and had similar experiences,” one All That’s News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I did not make it to heaven, but I walked with four angels towards a hand reaching down in a beam of pure light. It was so peaceful. It really is true the peace of the tribe surpasses all understanding,” one person wrote.

“I know heaven is!! That’s where my husband is, and I will see him again! I thank Jesus for his love and mercy,” another added.

What do you think about this injured boy’s visit with Jesus?

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