Hearts Break for Michael J. Fox: ‘I don’t fear that’

While talking with Town&Country, fans are now marveling at the miracle that is Fox’s life. As it is known, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 33 years ago in 1991, a feat many people who are diagnosed with the degenerative disease don’t experience.

Currently, the actor is taking medication to “combat paralysis of his facial muscles” which allows him the ability to talk still. However, the medication doesn’t come without its side effects, including “dyskinesia, which is involuntary movement and tics.”
But despite the “gradual paring away” of Fox’s “physical self,” the broken bones,

the tics, the surgeries, director Davis Guggenheim admitted that Fox’s life, including his outlook on life, was one he wished he had. “He had something I wish I had,” Guggenheim admitted after spending time with Fox.

And while Fox told the director to “be careful what you wish for,” Fox understood what Guggenheim meant. In fact, Fox himself will tell you that his Parkinson’s diagnosis “is a gift.”

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