MOM’s giant baby bump that goes ‘straight out’ leaves the internet speechless

Mom of triplets and twins, Michella Meier-Morsi, gained viral fame due to her unique baby bump that protrudes straight out of her stomach. The internet was left stunned, with many vowing to avoid having kids after witnessing the unusual bump shape. Michella, who already had twins in 2018, was surprised to discover she was carrying triplets. She shared a TikTok video showcasing her massive belly, amassing 121 million views, 6.5 million likes, and nearly 100k comments.

Despite the natural expansion of her belly with triplets, Michella experienced extreme pain during pregnancy, leading to a c-section at 35 weeks. Fortunately, her boys were born healthy and are now 17 months old.

Many commenters expressed fear and apprehension about her belly’s appearance. Some admitted it had become a new phobia. Others declared they would never get pregnant, and some found it terrifying. One person marveled at the physical possibility of such a bump, while another humorously likened it to the cast of Grey’s Anatomy.


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