Man Refused to Adopt His Wife’s Two Kids after Spying on Her & Discovering Who Their Real Dad Was

A man married the woman of his dreams at 33 when she was 25. By the time they married, she was already a mom to two daughters.

The couple initially met at work and began dating. The woman worked as the lobby receptionist for the building the man’s company was in.

Nothing could stop the man from marrying the love of his life – not even her children. Nevertheless, after living a bachelor’s lifestyle for years, the thought of becoming a dad so fast – and to two children who weren’t his biologically – scared him.

However, he was madly in love with his wife and was willing to sacrifice his alone time and a chunk of his salary to care for their daughters.

Fast forward two years later, and the man revealed his ups and downs with his growing stepchildren. Sometimes he wished to return to his singlehood, but he’d later accept that this was his reality:

“I fully know that this is my life now, and I try my best to suck it up and do what I signed up for.”

Throughout their time together, the man never asked about his wife’s ex. All he knew was that he was dead and could no longer be a part of his wife and their two children’s lives.

Two years into their marriage, the man’s wife suddenly pressed him to adopt their two children legally. She claimed it’d be the best birthday gift to the girls, and he reluctantly agreed.

The man realized it was just a piece of paper that legalized what he was doing for the children anyway. His wife was delighted and said she’d begin processing the documents. “Well, fantastic!” the man thought. “I like not having to do anything.”

It turned out that his wife’s ex wasn’t dead – he just happened to stop paying child support because he was in jail and had no money left in the bank.

Why Was His Wife Suddenly Acting Suspicious?
All was well in their household when he suddenly realized his wife was acting strange. She became secretive, placing her phone face down on the table and switching users on her laptop whenever she was with her husband.

The man had a gut feeling, so, despite not wanting to, he decided to spy on her. Initially, he thought she was cheating.

It turned out that his wife’s ex wasn’t dead – he just happened to stop paying child support because he was in jail and had no money left in the bank. Upon discovering this secret, the man felt his world shattering to pieces.

He didn’t know what to feel. First, he thought his wife’s ex was dead. Second, the man was paying child support to his wife’s bank account while he was financially supporting the two kids.

With no hesitation, the man confronted his wife. Sobbing, she didn’t deny anything and insisted she only took the child support payments for the sake of her children.

The wife also insisted that the man stopping his child support payments wasn’t why she wanted him to adopt the two kids. To her, the ex was “dead,” and she only lied for “good purposes.”

How Did The Man React to the Betrayal?
His wife’s betrayal gutted the man. He couldn’t believe she didn’t trust him enough to come clean, and he’s now having second thoughts about adopting the children. He also wants to put in writing that all financial support ends if he files for divorce.

The man is troubled by his predicament. Is he being fair by choosing not to adopt the children and retracting all financial support in case of a divorce? Please share your thoughts with us.

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