Teenage Girl Wants To Wear See-Through Blouse On Date – Grandma Has Perfect Response

Anyone who has ever crossed their grandparents knows that messing with older people is never a good idea. Elderly folks have a wealth of life experience to…

Medical Student Missed Patient Vein Feat 750x393 1

Woke Medical Student Injures Patient On Purpose After He M*cked Her “Pronoun Badge”

Life as a medical student has had its ups and downs for Kychelle Del Rosario. The doctor-in-training from Wake Forest University in North Carolina recently sparked controversy…

A Lady Was Walking Down The Street (1)

A Lady Was Walking Down The Street.

A lady was walking down the street to work and she saw a parrot on a perch in front of a pet store: The parrot said to…

Chick 980x400

“We’re a Family-Friendly Restaurant”: Chick-fil-A Makes New Rule About Chaotic Teens

A Pennsylvania Chick-fil-A restaurant recently dealt with the chaos caused by a group of unruly teenagers. In the aftermath, the franchise reinforced its company values and created…

Mms Woke Characters Lesbian Feature 750x393

More and More People Are Boycotting M&M’s After Their “Woke” Characters Debuted

M&Ms is pushing new all-female packaging that promotes a lesbian relationship between their green and brown chocolate candies. The brand is trying to appeal to the woke…

A Little Old Lady Went To The Bank Of Canada Carrying A Bag Of Money

A Little Old Lady Went To The Bank of Canada Carrying A Bag Of Money.

A little old lady went to the Bank of Canada one day, carrying a bag of money. She insisted that she must speak with the president of…

Fake Lashes On Eyebrows Feat 750x393

Women Are Gluing Fake Eyelashes On Their Eyebrows To Look More Attractive

As if putting fake eyelashes on our eyes wasn’t weird enough, now women are gluing them on their eyebrows. Yes, you read that correctly. This latest trend…

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Kelsey Grammer Refuses to Apologize for His Faith: ‘Jesus Made a Difference’

Actor Kelsey Grammer is more than someone who portrays a man of faith in the new movie Jesus Revolution. He said he also walks the walk —…

Cori Bush For Feb. 28 2023

‘Squad’ Member Married in Secret Wedding, 1 Detail About New Husband Raises Eyebrows

When news emerged in mid-2021 that Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush, a member of the hard left, so-called “squad” in the House of Representatives and an outspoken…

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Hollүwood Hυmiliɑted bү Hɑlf Tɾillion Loss ɑfteɾ Goinց Woĸe

This ρɑst үeɑɾ, Hollүwood exρeɾienced seɾioυs finɑnciɑl hɑɾdshiρ. Accoɾdinց to ɾeρoɾts, the enteɾtɑinment indυstɾү sυffeɾed ɑ loss in mɑɾĸet ѵɑlυe of moɾe thɑn hɑlf-ɑ-tɾillion dollɑɾs in 2022….