Dad drops off baby medication to ex – heart breaks when he walks into apartment

Dad drops off baby medication to ex – heart breaks when he walks into apartment. That was the case with Brandon Carpenter and his ex. Despite having a child together, the two decided it would be best to go their separate ways.

At times, it unfortunately becomes necessary for couples to separate. I believe this can indeed be the best option after all other possible solutions are explored and exhausted. That was the case with Brandon Carpenter and his ex. Despite having a child together, the two decided it would be best to go their separate ways.But as Brandon later discovered, breaking up doesn’t mean breaking up with the enemy—and that becomes especially important when you’re the parents of the same child.

Brandon Carpenter has a beautiful baby girl. And while he and the child’s mother parted ways, it certainly did not affect his love for his daughter – and respect for her mother. He proved it in a way that people everywhere are now cheering.

His ex asked if she could leave medicine for their daughter. But when Brandon arrived at her apartment, he discovered something that worried and saddened him: her refrigerator was empty, with only a little water.

This spurred him to action, which he would later admit in a Facebook post that went viral.

Brandon noted that the former pantry, however, was thankfully full of baby food for his daughter, full of formula, baby food, and more.

As Brandon closed the refrigerator door, he just knew what he had to do.

The right thing, the right thing

Brandon went straight to the supermarket and bought a long list of groceries for his ex.

“She works full time and then she has my daughter,” Brandon later explained on Facebook. “She pays the rent and all her bills plus car payments. I went shopping today to make sure she has food for the next few weeks. Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean I can’t provide for her if she needs it.”

A justified reaction

Brandon explained that he did it out of respect for his daughter’s mother and that he understands that a happy mother makes a happy child.

“If the mother of my child is good, then I know that she is taking care of our daughter as best she can and that makes me happy.” Some of you think that I will only babysit my child, but that is childish thinking. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility in all aspects of life!” Brandon concludes in his Facebook post.

Disputes arise in any relationship, but it’s important to try to remain civil, especially when a child is involved. Brandon’s excellent behavior is truly something for any parent to watch.

Now there’s a dad who sure understands a thing or two about life after a breakup! Share if you think Brandon did the right thing too.

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