Dad posted a photo of his newborn daughter online and it saved her life

With the joy of welcoming a bundle of joy in their lives, many parents feel the urge to take and share plenty of photos of their newborn baby on the social media.One dad was playing with his baby girl when she made this funny face expression that he found really cute. Wanting his friends and family to see it, too, he posted it online.

A lot of people found it cute beyond words and took their time to comment on it. One person wrote, “She’s going to be a rebel and marry a penniless guy without tattoos.” The dad loved his friends’ funny remarks until he came across a comment that made his blood run cold.

“Are her eyes a little yellow? It looks like it to me, but it’s hard to tell, because the entire photo is a little yellow. It’s probably nothing, but it could be a symptom for neonatal ja-undice. If her skin and eyes actually look a little yellow, then maybe you should get it checked out. I’m a paranoid children’s doctor, hence my concern,” the comment read.

This was so concerning that the dad took his daughter to the hospital right away. The doctor who wrote the comment was right. The sweet baby did have jau-ndice and the doctor likely saved her life.

Jaundice, a condition in which the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes turn yellow because of a high level of bilirubin, a yellow-orange bile pigment, is common in small children. However, if left untreated it can cause h-epatitis, ga-llstones and tu-mors.

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