Celeb Refuses To Apologize For His Faith Because “Jesus Made A Difference”

When it comes to being a celebrated actor, few people have as many awards as Kelsey Grammer. The iconic American has won five Emmys and three Golden Globes for his work in “Frasier,” “The Simpsons,” and “Boss” – and now he could be on track to earn some fresh awards for his new work for his Christian duty doing God’s work promoting Jesus’s mission in the Christian drama “Jesus Revolution,” which Kelsey Grammer claims could be the best work he has ever done in his entire career.

“It’s really uplifting. It’s a good movie,” Grammer told USA Today. “My wife and I saw it together. She was just dissolved in tears and said, ‘It’s the best thing you’ve ever done.’”

In the movie, Grammer portrays the real-life pastor Chuck Smith who invited hippies and rock music into his congregation to revive his dying church during the 1960s and 1970s with the help of an energetic street preacher Lonnie Frisbee played by Jonathan Roumie.

“They were energized and optimistic, and I thought that was a great thing to see,” said Grammer.

Grammer added, “What Chuck did went back to one of the basic precepts of Christianity, which is inclusion. He thought, ‘Well, I’m doing it this way, and people aren’t listening,’ so he finally surrendered. He said, ‘You show me a hippie, and I’ll listen.’ Sure enough, it became a very dynamic relationship between him and Lonnie Frisbee. It became a great adventure, which is still going on. His (Calvary Chapel) church branched into 1,000 churches around the country, and it still exists. Christian contemporary music is going gangbusters, and (the Jesus movement) put that at his doorstep.”

Grammer is a Christian through and through. And he is glad that he has finally been able to find a Hollywood role that allows him to lead his life of Christ the way he has always wanted to do in front of the American audience. Now, in the Jesus Revolution, he gets to show the American public just how much he loves Jesus and show people his love for Christ in a real way.

“I’ve had hiccups. I’ve had some tragic times,” he told USA Today. “I have wrestled with those and worked my way through them: sometimes rejecting faith, sometimes rejecting God even, in a period of being pretty angry about it, like, ‘Where were you?’ That kind of thing. But I have come to terms with it and have found great peace in my faith and in Jesus. It’s not cavalier — Jesus made a difference in my life. That’s not anything I’ll apologize for.”

Whether “Jesus Revolution” will be the film that earns Grammer his fourth Golden Globe remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Kelsey Grammer is sharing his faith in Jesus Christ every chance he gets, and it’s simply beautiful to witness.

The film is already gaining awards buzz, and fans will be able to see it on Netflix this summer. We can only hope that Grammer’s performance will be rewarded with awards and accolades, but even if it isn’t, his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ is certainly one of the most inspiring things we have ever seen from the Hollywood icon.

No matter what happens, it’s clear that Kelsey Grammer’s faith will remain strong and unshakeable. His dedication to Jesus Christ is a beacon of light in an industry where stars often put their own fame and status over any other considerations.

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