Men Pay Her Thousands Per Month Online Because She Looks Like Princess Diana

Every month, a woman named Lauren Spencer earns about $16,000 on the subscription content platform because she looks like the late Princess Diana. As a model on the OnlyFans subscription platform, the Princess Diana lookalike Lauren Spencer creates content that shows off her face in ways that make her look like the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William, and people are willing to pay a pretty penny to see images of her looking just like the mother of the princes.

Spencer became an internet sensation thanks to OnlyFans once she realized that she could market her lookalike status. Depending on who you ask, she looks a lot like the late Princess Diana, and many people think she looks just like the late Princess Di.

Whether or not you see the resemblance, and many people do and are willing to pay for it, Spencer hit a rough patch financially in 2020 when the global pandemic hit. Her financial opportunities dried up, and she was no longer able to hold down a regular job because of the pandemic.

“We went from having a normal income to nothing overnight,” she told Business Insider.

That’s when she came up with a creative solution. She figured she would go into modeling. OnlyFans was a solution that she could do from the comfort of her home. She could get involved with little to no cost and get men to pay a lot of money to pay for pictures of her body. All she needed to do was find people to pay to view her page. She did that – and then some. Now she and her husband no longer need to work regular jobs. They just have to make Spencer’s OnlyFans page work for them.

Thanks to how she looks like Princess Diana, she is among the top 0.5 percent of the top earners on OnlyFans. And because she is considered a Princess Diana lookalike, Spencer is honored by the comparison.

“I often get comments from fans saying, ‘You remind me of her.’ Every time I’m told that I’m flattered,” Spencer told Insider.

Although Spencer no longer needs to work a regular job, she does work a lot. She claims to work as many as sixty hours per week to generate the content her regular subscribers want to view on an ongoing basis. That’s a lot of content that she has to create in order to keep her platform going.

Most of the time spent on OnlyFans is spent on shooting content, editing photos, and uploading the content. She learned all these skills since joining OnlyFans. The skills she had to learn have paid off remarkably well since she is now earning five figures every month.

“So far this month, I’ve made more than $16,000, and from that, around $15,350 is from subscriptions, and close to $725 is from tips,” she said.

Some people like to see her more as Dirty Diana than as the Princess.

“The fact that I remind lots of people of Diana has definitely helped. It’s a kink for some to see someone like her, who is proper and decent, in underwear,” Spencer said.

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