Plus-Size Influencer Demands Airlines Give Her A Free Extra Seat

A plus-size content creator demands free seats from airlines so she can spread out the next time she flies. Now, Jaelynn Chaney’s list of demands from airlines and the FAA is getting quite long as she has created a petition among fat flyers to get free seats on planes so she and other plus-size travelers and get more “comfortable” on planes and stretch out. She really wants the FAA and airlines to “protect” their plus-size travelers from having to stuff themselves into tiny seats or from having to foot the bill to purchase a pair of seats next to each other so they can fit on the plane.

Chaney is a lifestyle content creator based out of the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Colombia. She believes that the American-based Federal Aviation Authority should do a better job of protecting their plus-size travelers and making it more “comfortable and accessible for everyone” to fly coach, including their fat flyers.


“As plus-size travelers, my partner and I have unfortunately experienced discrimination and discomfort while flying,” she wrote in her shocking petition. As of Saturday afternoon, according to Daily Mail, the petition organized by the Vancouver influencer had been signed by as many as four thousand three hundred different people across the world.

Chaney, who is rubbing some people the wrong way with her pro-fat flyer petition, added, “All plus-size passengers should be provided with an extra free seat, or even two or three seats depending on their size, to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort during the flight.”

What about travelers who have to purchase a second seat so they can fit on a plane? Chaney believes that airlines should reimburse these travelers for the added expense. And she believes that this money should come out of the pocket of other travelers who are not as large as the ones who are taking up the pair of seats in the first place.

“Airlines should offer a refund for plus-size passengers who purchase additional seats independently. This should be a straightforward process that can be accessed online or through customer service.”

“They say it’s not fair to the person who has to sit next me if I don’t,” text overlaid on one of her viral videos read. “When I tell them I do, they say I’m selfish for taking a seat from another (person who wanted to travel).”

Chaney believes that plus-size travelers are mistreated all the time, and this has to stop.

“This mistreatment of plus-size passengers is unacceptable, and it highlights the urgent need for better policies that protect the dignity and rights of all passengers, regardless of size,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, plus-size passengers often experience discomfort and discrimination when flying. The lack of a uniform customer-of-size airline policy is unacceptable and must be addressed.”

Do you think airlines should give plus-size travelers more space?

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