Consider this infant who was born without a nose…

essa Evans is a typical young woman with one exception: she was born without a nose.

Aplasia is the medical term denoting the absence of a normal organ or body component at birth.

The anomaly has only been documented in exactly 47 cases in the UK, making it extremely rare.

The child is now eight years old. Despite the ultrasound, the couple was told that their child may have a flat face profile.
Their decision to keep the baby was not considered an abortion. They also took some time to accept the notion that their child would be born without a nose.

Tessa may still develop a cold or cough due to the absence of her sinuses. However, this is only a small percentage of the issues that the entire family must cope with.
In her 11th week of life, she was diagnosed with cardiac difficulties after a botched cataract removal procedure left her blind in one eye.

A tracheostomy was required for the child to be able to breathe while eating.

The nose of the child will be surgically altered. The nose of a baby should develop at the same rate as the rest of the body.


Despite facing several challenges, the child nonetheless has a positive outlook on life.

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