Neighbor Opens Door To See Missing Toddler Alone With Pit Bull

Earlier this month, 2 year-old Charlee Campbell disappeared from her grandparent’s home in the rural town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. Her grandmother woke up to find that Charlee, who has autism and is often non-verbal, was missing and the front door was wide open. The family’s pit bull Penny was missing as well.

Authorities and rescue teams searched the heavily wooded area as much as they could, but they could not find her.

News of Charlee’s disappearance brought the community to it’s knees, and everyone prayed that she would be found safely.

36 hours later, their prayers were answered when a miracle happened!

Lebanon Junction resident Wayne Brown was sitting on his couch praying for Charlee when he noticed something unusual in his backyard. When he looked closer, he realized it was a little girl!

Running outside, Wayne asked the girl, “are you Charlee?”

Though she did not say anything, Wayne recognized the pajamas she was wearing from her missing posters, and he called the police. This left a huge impression on Wayne, as his own brother had gone missing when he was 8.

“He had wandered away from the home and he had climbed three fences,” he said. “They found him miles away from the house. It was actually my uncle that found him and he was dead.”

Wayne could only thank God that Charlee had not suffered this same fate.

Minutes after Charlee turned up, Penny returned back home to the little girl’s grandmother, Beth. The grandma now believes that Penny stayed by Charlee’s side to keep her safe while she was missing.

“This is our hero right here,” Beth said of Penny. “When my dog didn’t come home, and my baby wasn’t home, she was not going to leave that baby until she got here.”

As they waited for police, Charlee only said one word to Wayne: “Puppy.”

Charlee was taken to the hospital, but doctors expect her to make a full recovery! We applaud this amazing pit bull for keeping her safe!

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