Hilarious Joke About Taxi Driver And Pastor Who Meet In Heaven Goes Viral

A hilarious joke is going viral this week that is sure to bring a smile to your face!

A pastor and a taxi driver both passed away and went to Heaven. When they got there, they found St. Peter waiting for them at the Pearly gates.

“Come with me,” St. Peter said.

The taxi driver followed St. Peter to a mansion that had everything from a bowling alley to an Olympic-sized pool.

“Wow, thank you,” said the taxi driver.

St. Peter then brought the pastor to a rugged old shack with a bunk bed and a little old television set. This left the pastor stunned.

“Wait, I think you are a little mixed up,” said the pastor. “Shouldn’t I be the one who gets the mansion? After all I was a pastor, went to church every day, and preached God’s word.”

“Yes, that’s true. But during your sermons people slept. When the taxi driver drove, everyone prayed,” St. Peter replied.

LOL! How perfect is that?!

While I am very serious about my Christian faith, it’s always fun when a joke pops up that has you looking at religion through a lens of humor. This is the perfect type of clean joke that can be shared with people of all ages and will make them laugh! The joke is sure to have people of all different backgrounds smiling and laughing.

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