What are the mysterious lines that Biden has appeared with on his face in recent days?

Joe Biden, the oldest acting American president, born in 1942, has been a subject of intense scrutiny when it comes to his health.As the possibility of his re-election in 2024 looms, the question of whether he could serve a second term, given his age, becomes a central point of discussion.

By the time a potential second term concludes, President Biden would be 86 years old, a milestone that raises concerns about his ability to fulfill the duties of the highest office in the land effectively.Recently, President Biden’s health drew significant attention when he appeared in public with conspicuous lines on his face, running from his mouth to his ears.

In a time when the health and well-being of the President are subjects of public concern, the transparency of the White House regarding his medical conditions and treatments remains vital. As President Biden continues to navigate the challenges of leadership, his ability to manage his health while fulfilling the demands of his office will remain a topic of ongoing discussion and scrutiny.

These prominent facial marks sparked curiosity and speculation, with many wondering about their cause. The White House has now provided clarification on this matter, attributing these mysterious lines to the use of a sleep apnea treatment mask.

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