This man used to weigh more than 700 pounds but he lost weight and here is how he looks today…

At the age of 31, Joe found himself trapped in a life dominated by the burden of his excessive weight, which had surpassed 350 kg. His mother, who primarily cared for him, grappled with the difficulties of managing his ever-increasing weight.

Growing up without any dietary restrictions, Joe’s unhealthy habits persisted into his adult years, contributing to his social isolation and sedentary lifestyle. Recognizing the gravity of his situation, he took a brave step by enrolling in the “I Weigh 300 kg” program, emerging as one of its most successful participants.

Dedicating himself to a prescribed diet and undergoing stomach reduction surgery, Joe underwent a remarkable transformation, shedding 91 kg in the first year and ultimately losing a staggering 200 kg over the course of three years.

His inspirig weight loss journey became a beacon of hope, and amidst this journey, he discovered solace and support in Sarah, a fellow participant from a weight loss community. Overcoming initial concerns about his appearance, Joe and Sarah forged a deep connection that blossomed into a marriage.


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